IMI Graduate Student Committee (IMI GSC)


IMI Grad Student Committee

The IMI Graduate Student Committee (IMI GSC) is comprised of representatives from 6 IMI programs: MMPA, MMI, MBiotech, MScSM, MUI, and MScBMC*.

As a student led group, the aim of IMI GSC is to create an interdepartmental community where graduate students from all corners of science, business and technology can build connections and broaden their networking circles. Individual programs at IMI do an excellent job at giving their students an exposure to the workforce, through alumni events, internships, and interactive class projects etc. The GSC enhances these program strengths, and is committed to furthering the student experience by offering cross disciplinary interactions and conversations..

Our goal is to give students an opportunity to broaden their networking circles and build contacts with current and future IMI graduate students.


Thank you to everyone who came out to our IMI GSC Social on October 6th - stay tuned for the next event!

2022-2023 Program Representatives

Paige Obright MBiotech Senior
Max Bryant MBiotech Junior
Farhana Cheema MMI Junior/Senior
Phillip Simango MMI Junior/Senior
Brittany Dillabough MMPA Senior
Sana Khan MMPA Senior
Regan Keeley Alves MMPA Junior
Grant Gu MMPA Junior
Shreya Agarwal MScSM Junior
Nicole Mayer MScSM Senior
Tian Yang MUI Senior
David Schoenholz MUI Junior
Joshua Koentjoro BMC* Senior
Remi Gao BMC* Junior

And for those aspiring writers, IMI has its very own IMI student review called IMIRS (IMI Review by Students) that we suggest you check out. Visit the IMIRS page if you are interested in submitting an article, reading past articles or evening becoming a reviewer.

For more info on IMI GSC, please contact

*Offered through the Institute of Medical Science