Training for a Tradition: MBiotech students raise money for charity at 2nd annual Inside Ride

MBiotech's 2016 Inside Ride team
Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 11:42am
Darren Clift, IMI Communications & Media Intern

The Inside Ride is a ‘fun’draiser at UTM that combines indoor exercise, community-building and charitable giving. Teams are sponsored by donors to ride stationary bikes for incredible distances.  The money raised in sponsorships is donated directly to Kids With Cancer, a children's charity. 2016’s event is the second Inside Ride at UTM, and will grow in the years to come.

Oliver Spicer and Zain Shah, both current MBiotech students at UTM, co-organized the 2016 Inside Ride Event. Oliver answered some questions about his involvement with the charitable initiative, and support received from the larger MBiotech community at UTM:

How do you envision this event growing in the future? 

I see this event growing in two general ways. First, as the success of the event evolves, other IMI programs and other students at UTM will show a greater level of participation. Unfortunately, we weren't too successful tapping into these resources this year, but I can see it being utilized in the future. Second, I see this event growing through the continued participation of MBiotech alumni and faculty, as well as through a continued commitment from the current MBiotech students. In 2015, I believe we had a total of four MBiotech teams (two from each year). In 2016, we have a total of seven, as well as an alumni team. I see this trend continuing in the future.

Where did the Inside Ride idea come from initially?

The idea came from Joel Hurren and Kara Griffiths [Class of 2016].

What inspired you both to lead this initiative at UTM? 

The charity that we are raising money for [Kids with Cancer] is a great cause. I think I can speak for everyone who participates or attends this event that we are all aligned to the fact that this is a great cause. The other reason I got involved was because of the success of [2015’s Inside Ride]. I see this event as an annual MBiotech event: one’s an anomaly, two’s a trend, and three’s a tradition. So hopefully by us leading the way this year, the event will continue for many years to come.  

Scott Prosser is a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UofT, and the Director of the MBiotech program with IMI. He and his teammates participated in the Inside Ride last year, and did so again on October 26th. He also provided insight on the Inside Ride:

How have you trained for the 2016 Inside Ride?

Unless you count training over the summer months, I was too busy writing to train [closer to the event]. I am still counting on my team to come together and humble the MBiotech students.

What inspires your continued involvement with the Inside Ride?

It’s fun to interact with the MBiotech kids… they have started an amazing charity initiative.