IMIC Trades to the Top at Rotman Commerce Competition

IMIC team at Rotman Commerce Trading Competition
Monday, November 28, 2016 - 8:28pm
Darren Clift, IMI Communications & Media Intern

IMIC students recently competed at the Rotman Commerce Trading Competition, placing first overall. IMI asked team member Christopher Kang to share his thoughts on the process:

How many members are on this [particular] IMIC team? How many of your members are new, and how many are returning?

The names of the four members that attended the Rotman Commerce competition this year are: Christopher Kang, Ethan Le, Michael Ai, Valentin Nigmatullin. Valentin Nigmatullin was a returning member who competed in the previous year and the other three members were new to the team.

What was the objective of the competition? Where and when did it take place?

The objective of the competition involved creating the most possible trading profits on the stock market accumulated through all team members. There were two types of events that took place. The first competition was an online sales & trading competition where we used the Rotman Interactive Trader client to trade on a virtual stock market. The second competition simulated a human-to-human interactive trading floor that represented stock trading that would take place on Wall-Street during the 20th century. The competition took place on Friday, October 21st at Kruger Hall, University of Toronto St. George campus.

Please elaborate on your winning pitch/presentation.

Our winning strategy involved taking the initiative and diligence to familiarize ourselves with the online sales & trading platform prior to the event. By spending time prior to the event and practicing the virtual simulations, we could perform exceptionally well during the day of the event. Having the tolerance to liquidate a trading position when there were potential trading losses allowed our team to cut losses short to keep the overall performance high.

How have you learned/developed as a member of IMIC? Where do you envision yourselves in the next several years, and how has your membership with the team helped you achieve that?

As a member of IMIC, I have learned how powerful motivating a team can go a long way towards success. By lending a helping hand and making sure that my teammates were confident and energetic for the event, we put our best foot forward and performed at our greatest potential.

In the next five years, I look forward to further developing my career in corporate finance. I am planning to take my knowledge, experience, and networks from corporate finance to start a management consulting business in the future. Being a part of an amazing team has helped me realize how having a strong support system of bright and talented individuals around you can accelerate success towards all endeavors in life.