IMI is pleased to support the hiring needs of diverse organizations through our Programs.  Each IMI Program has dedicated employer relationship and student placement staff, available to assist with your hiring needs.

IMI Programs offer both co-op and internship hiring, as well as full-time recruitment from all of our professional programs.  Each Program also offers a full suite of hiring support services including:

  • Job development, posting and circulation
  • Application collection and distribution
  • Scheduling and coordination of interviews
  • Support throughout the onboarding process
  • Support at the mid-point and throughout the work-placement term for coop and internship students as well as host employers
  • Hosting customized recruitment events, including information sessions, fairs, networking sessions and more

Co-Op and Internship Hiring


Work Term

Term Length

Types of


Master of Biotechnology - Biopharmaceuticals
January to December
12 months
Market Access, Medical Affairs, Medical Information, Clinical Development, Health Economics and Drug re-imbursement, Regulatory Affairs, Operations, R&D and more
Nazeem Shamsuddin: nazeem.shamsuddin@utoronto.ca
Julian Gaspini: julian.gaspini@utoronto.ca
Master of Biotechnology - Digital Health Technologies
May to April
12 months
Digital Initiatives, Customer & Market Insights, Health Economics / Medical Device, Statistical Scientist, Digital Incubator Supply Chain Analytics, Data Analyst, Medical Data and Information Solutions, Statistical Science Programmer and more
Nazeem: Shamsuddin: nazeem.shamsuddin@utoronto.ca
Julian Gaspini: julian.gaspini@utoronto.ca
Master of Management of Innovation
May to August
4 months
Marketing, Business Development, Strategy, Project Management, Operations and more
Afrodite Cruz: afrodite.cruz@utoronto.ca
Master of Management and Professional Accounting
January to April
4 months x 2 terms 
Accounting, Finance and more
Debbi Arnold: debbi.arnold@utoronto.ca 
Sheel Webber: sheel.webber@utoronto.ca 
 Wesley Mack: Wesley.mack@utoronto.ca
Master of Science in Sustainability Management
May to August
4 months
Sustainability, Compliance, Government Relations, Communications, Marketing, Strategy, Research and more
Claire Westgate: Claire.westgate@utoronto.ca
Master of Urban Innovation
May to August
4 months
Urban Planning and Innovation, Policy, Economic Development, Government and more
Alyssa Madrasto: a.madrasto@utoronto.ca

Hiring During COVID-19

IMI is here to support both our students and our host employer partners during this difficult hiring time, and beyond.  Here, we have provided some resources to enable you to both onboard and support your co-op and internship students, as well as your full-time hires.

Program Staff are available to help with all aspects of the hiring cycle – please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance.

Please feel welcome to reference our IMI Employer Guide to Remote Hiring and Supervision


IMI is pleased to provide a list of funding organizations that may be able to support you in hiring a student or new graduate.  We endeavour to keep this list updated on a regular basis.  Please also feel welcome to check with specific Programs for funding ideas relating to your individaul sector or industry.

You are welcome to download our Funding Organizations for Employers.