Partners working together


The BIGDataAIHub works with our partners to provide best-in-class research and create an industry-leading hub to thrive in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. BDAIH trains trans-disciplinary problem solvers who are well positioned to work in traditional and emerging industries across all functions.

By opening the door to emerging industries and research opportunities, BDAIH helps you unlock a bold new future. Our approach ensures that students, faculty, and researchers are prepared and well-equipped with real-world experience and skills to bring to the workforce.

We welcome opportunities for research & teaching partnerships—to work with our world-class researchers on research projects, to partner with our student case competitions, or to organize collaborative events. Interested in partnering us in our research and teaching activities? Contact BDAIH Director, Irene Wiecek ( 


Partnering Organizations

We would like to thank and highlight the following for their collaboration and partnership with BDAIH.

Institute for Management and Innovation at University of Toronto, Mississauga


Stem Fellowship