Executive Certificates


Executive Certificates

IMIx open enrolment courses can be combined to earn one of the following IMIx Executive Program Certificates. Click the certificate name to view the full two-page overview including Registration details. A brief overview of each certificate is provided below.

Brief Overviews of IMIx Certificates

Pharma Challenges & Opportunities Certificate

The Pharma Challenges and Opportunities Certificate delivers industry knowledge and soft skills that pharma CEOs identified as important. This program is offered by IMIx, the Executive Programs Unit of UTM’s Institute for Management & Innovation. Four 1-day modules will be delivered by knowledge experts from industry as well as distinguished UofT faculty. The program is designed to be highly interactive including workshops, case studies, role-play and networking opportunities.

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Effective Leadership for Senior Managers Certificate

The Certificate in Effective Leadership for Senior Managers aims to discover, shape, and consolidate personal leadership identity of industry professionals who are accountable for tactical and strategic challenges involving people, processes, and structures. Moreover, the Certificate offers modern and evidence-based strategies and tools to enhance leadership effectiveness towards other relevant stakeholders.

Certificate in Data Analytics

The availability of data has exceeded the capacity of most managers and executives to analyze and interpret effectively. Since data collection continues to accelerate, the potential for its use is becoming even more evident and threatens the ability of managers to do its job competitively as more competitors learn about analytics. The need for management to master data analytics is apparent. The Certificate in Data Analytics Program will fill this need by educating managers and executives with the methods and techniques of data analytics, the problems inherent in big data analysis, and the potential of using software that learns or improves its analytical approach with minimal or no assistance.

  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Visualization - 1 day
  • Data Cleaning and Manipulation - 1 day 
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning - 1 day

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Certificate in Strategy & Critical Thinking

The Certificate in Strategy & Critical Thinking will prepare executives and managers who are in functional positions to understand strategic thinking, which coordinates and focuses all functional activities, and to think critically about strategy, strategic thinking, competitive advantage and other business problems. 

  • Developing a Winning Strategy - 1 day 
  • Finding Problems Customers Will PAY to Solve (Creating Value) - 2 days
  • Critical Thinking - 0.5 day
  • Removing Bias from your Strategy and Decisions - 1 day 
  • Strategies Amid Uncertainty & Disruptive Technologies - 1 day

Courses for both the Certificate in Strategy & Innovation and the Certificate in Strategy & Critical Thinking can be completed in any order. Completion of the three strategy courses can be used toward both certificates, provided completion of all certificate courses occurs within three years.

Certificate in Governance & Ethics

The awareness of serious potential harm caused by weak governance and ethics has never been higher. External stakeholders, shareholders, and employees have watched as scandals have severely damaged their interests so that they are quick to seek other alternatives when red flags appear. For managers, executives and directors, governance and ethics scandals are often career ending.

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Certificate in Investments, Analytics and Risk Management

This certificate will combine accelerated learning with academic rigor and professional development. Participants will gain key knowledge in the areas of Investments, Financial Management and Risk Management through an enriched program that builds the foundation to pursue globally recognized designations (i.e. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) and Financial Risk Management (FRM)). All modules will be complemented by case studies and applied lab-based material.

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Certificate in Strategy & Innovation*

*  Courses taken for the Certificates asterisked courses will conclude with an examination by the instructor, which depending on the nature of the course, will take the form of: (1) a written examination, or (2) a take-home case assignment applying learning elements from the particular course, or (3) a personal reflection essay based on course content, or (4) a demonstration of the techniques involved in the course. Assessments will be pass/fail for each course. Upon completion of all certificate program courses, students may request the relevant certificate through the IMIx Academic Director/Program Officer and must pass an examination encompassing all the courses in the certificate.