Courses and Instructors

Courses and Instructors

Our IMIx portfolio of courses has been developed from those suggested by our most respected instructors. For course descriptions, click on the left menu. For details on the instructor, click on the on the instructor's name. 

Big Data Analytics (Gerhard Trippen)

  • Data Cleaning and Manipulation
  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Date Visualization
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies (Irene Wiecek)

  • Blockchain - An Introduction 
  • Cryptocurrencies - An Introduction

Governance & Ethics (Leonard Brooks) 

  • New Expectations and Developments
  • Making the Right Choices
  • Developing an Ethical Corporate Culture​​

Investments, Analytics & Risk Management (Otto Yung)

  • Investments 1: Modern Investments and Practical Applciations of Technology
  • Investments 2: Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Finance 
  • Modelling in Financial Management with Descriptive & Predictive Analytics
  • Risk Management 1: Frameworks and Categories of Risk
  • Risk Management 2: Financial Derivatives and Measures of Risk

Marketing (Tanjim Hossain & Matthew Osborne

  • Removing Bias from your Strategy and Decisions​

Organizational Behaviour ( Rafael Chiuzi)

  • Change Management & Change Leadership
  • Influence & Persuasion for Aspiring Leaders
  • Cultural Intelligence for International Assignments

Risk Management (Otto Yung)

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Financial Risk Management

Strategic Management for Start-ups (Nico Lacetera & Sam Dumcum

  • Innovation in the Real World
  • Finding Problems Customers will PAY to Solve
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Successful Start-ups

Strategy (Instructor: Kevin Yousie)

  • Strategies Amid Uncertainty & Disruptive Technologies      
  • Developing a Winning Strategy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Crafting a Performance Scorecard
  • Primer for International Business

Sustainability (Shashi Kant)

  • Systems Thinking for Sustainability Management


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