4-week Curriculum

A preliminary schedule of the program has been posted below!

INSPIRE will run from June 13 to July 8, 2022. Sessions will take place from Monday to Friday, 30-35 hours a week.  The schedule varies each day of the week to incorporate a mix of activities. Throughout the program, you will be attending sessions focused on research and pharma/innovation simultaneously.   



Foundations of Bioinformatics and Computational Methods


Ever wonder how scientists are able to explore and edit the genome or predict and visualize protein structures and dynamics?  Learn to use computational tools such as BLAST and AlfaFold, simulate drug docking, perform molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations, and more

Protein Expression Biotechnology


Learn the basics of reprogramming ordinary yeast, insect and mammalian cells into protein factories.  Get hands-on instruction in cloning culturing, transformation, induction, expression and purification, and more. 

21st Century Biophysical Techniques


Participate in faculty-led workshops on modern biophysical techniques including: super-resolution microscopy, NMR, cryo-EM, EPR, single-molecule techniques, live-cell functional assays, and more.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Boot Camp


What is innovation and how does it happen in the university context? Where do ideas come from and how do companies start? Learn the basics of intellectual property and strategy, value propositions and business models, business communications and networking, and more.

IMI Pharma Crash Course 


Gain an overview of the pharma industry from discovery to commercialization. Learn about regulatory affairs and getting drugs approved, manufacturing and quality control, drug reimbursement, launching and marketing medicines, vaccines and biologics, and more.

Download Program Schedule (PDF)