IMIx Group and Custom Solutions

IMIx will partner with your organization to design tailored-made programs that maximize the benefits for you, your employees and your organization. Our instructors and academic executive team will create and facilitate interactive, engaging programs that are driven by your vision, strategy, corporate culture and business needs and align with the University of Toronto’s high educational standards.

Custom Programs for Organizations

Focusing on your specific needs, we will facilitate unique, industry-specific programs that will drive strategic innovation and advancement within your organization. Partner with us to:

  • Build on and enhance in-house training with the highest-level quality at a world-renowned university
  • Address and overcome specific challenges within your industry and company
  • Increase business competitiveness in the global marketplace
  • Gain international insight to widen your company’s business and cultural fluency

Group Participation in our Executive Certificate Programs

In addition to designing and delivering custom programs for larger groups, we offer group discount rates for smaller teams of individuals who wish to attend our certificate programs. Team participation accelerates impact through shared concepts, tools, and mindsets that help enable broader change.  For more information about our group discounts, click here and select your certificate program of interest.


IMIx Global Leadership Development Program


Global Leadership Development Program (GLDP) logo

Our partnership with the Industrial Commercial Bank of China brought middle-level managers from China to the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI). This partnership delivered programming not only in finance and banking,  but also risk management, global business, communication and leadership excellence. Additionally, we deeply valued the opportunity for experiential education and provided opportunities for our international participants to learn beyond the classroom by participating in conferences, company tours, industry networking events and an internship program.


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