Covid-19 Guidelines for the Imaging Facility

Booking Rules

  • The number of people allowed inside the facility was strategically planned together with the Facilities Management and Planning and a decision was made based on the area of the space and density of equipment.  
  • DV1074C can safely accommodate two users in total.
  • Researchers should use the online booking system to reserve both the room (“1074C room booking 1” or "1074C room booking 2") and the specific equipment they plan to use. 
  • There is an exception to this rule for the Spinning Disc Confocal- please do not book the SD at the same time as the LSM800 or LSM880.
  • Please book a maximum of 5 hours from 8-5. If you can’t use your session, be considerate and cancel with plenty of time so other users can take the slot. If no one shows up after 30 minutes of a reservation time, other users can take over the time. 
  • One-on-one training sessions can be arranged with Katie (email) and will be conducted with as much distancing as possible.


Personal protection and cleaning

  • Users must wear a non-medical mask or face covering.
  • Please sanitize your hands before and after visiting the facility. Gloves are highly recommended. 
  • The equipment will be disinfected periodically according to recommendations from the vendors.
  • High-touch external surfaces should be wiped with a cloth moistened with ethanol after use. Ethanol is safe to use on external microscope surfaces with these exceptions:
    • Eye pieces: Do not spray these with ethanol, as frequent disinfection can damage the optical coating. Wear goggles or use cling wrap to protect your eyes.
    • Objective lenses: Do not spray these with ethanol. As usual, clean the objectives gently using lens paper or kimwipes with lens cleaner.