Wireless & Residence Internet

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Wireless Internet Access

U of T Mississauga supports the same wireless networks (UofT and eduroam) that are available across the university.

The UofT wireless network supports wireless 802.11g and 802.11n standards and does not require a browser-based login each time you connect. This network is faster and has increased range.

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The eduroam network at UofT is intended for visiting scholars from other participating eduroam institutions. UofT faculty and students can log into eduroam at other universities using their UofT credentials. Information on the eduroam program can be found at eduroam.utoronto.ca. A list of participating Canadian institutions can be found at canarie.ca/identity/institutions.

For further assistance with wireless, please visit the I&ITS Service Portal or contact the UTM Service Desk via the contact info on the right!

Residence Network (Internet Access)

The Residence Network at UTM (ResNet-UTM) provides access to other UofT networks and the Internet to students living on campus.

The service is designed, first and foremost, to meet the student's educational needs. Use of the network for entertainment purposes (e.g. video streaming and gaming) is allowed provided the use is legal and restrained so as not to consume excessive bandwidth.

The network has been primarily engineered to support wireless devices and operates in both the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz spectra.

Ethernet ports in dorm rooms are inactive by default and their use is currently discouraged. Activation requests for such ports are reviewed by the Service Desk and approved by Network Engineering on a per-case basis. Tenants who have computer systems and/or gaming consoles that are incompatible with WPA2 Enterprise wireless networks (802.1X authentication) may request activation of the Ethernet ports in their residence units, as long as information about the device (e.g. MAC address) is provided and the tenant confirms in writing that his/her device does not support the WPA2 Enterprise standard. Technical assistance involving Ethernet ports is a best-effort service and connection privileges may be revoked at any time due to user abuse, compromised devices, or unforeseen technical issues.

Routers, switches, hubs, splitters or any other means of extending the residence network are not permitted.

ResNet-UTM users are strongly encouraged to use a reliable anti-virus software and keep their systems patched against security vulnerabilities. Anti-virus software can be downloaded at antivirus.utoronto.ca.

Connect to ResNet-UTM

To provide you with better service we have developed new wireless infrastructure in all of our residences, being the first University of Toronto (UofT) residence offering wireless internet service, this has changed the way our residents use and get access to the internet.

Here is the connection information that you will need to setup your wireless device:

To connect to ‘UofT’ on residence:

  1. Enter your Username and Password: UTORid and affiliated password
  2. Accept the server certificate
  3. After a few moments, your computer will connect to the wireless network

Step-by-step instructions are available for PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

Help with ResNet-UTM

We can help you with

  • Setting up your laptop to connect
  • Troubleshooting problems with your connection

For ResNet-UTM support, please visit the I&ITS Service Portal or contact the UTM Service Desk via the contact info on the right!