Remote Computer Labs and Software (Citrix Workspace app)

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For further information on computer labs, include software and availability, check the Computer Labs services page.

Remote Computer Labs

To provide a similar experience to using computers in the lab, we have made our core computer labs available to students via remote connection. The core computer labs are CC 1160, CC 2130, CC 2140, CC 2160, and CC 3160.

  • Citrix Workspace must be installed on your computer to connect remotely to computers in the labs. See the article KB0011893 for more information.
  • For students that have a course scheduled in a computer lab, you will only be able to connect remotely to a computer in that lab during the scheduled time
  • For students connected to a computer remotely during a scheduled class, the connection to the computer will end promptly at the end of the class. Ensure you save your work regularly and before the end of class.
  • For each computer lab, the computers will be available for classwork to any student after the last scheduled class. They will be available until the first scheduled class the next day.
  • The physical computer lab for CC 3160 is an Apple iMac computer lab. Students connecting to the CC 3160 computer lab remotely will be connecting to a Windows 10 computer.

Virtualized Applications

UTM's catalogue of virtualized applications is available to all students at all times. Unlike the remote computer labs, which rely on connecting to a physical computer lab remotely, virtualized applications use the computing resources in I&ITS' datacentres.

  • Citrix Workspace must be installed on your computer in order to use virtualized applications. See the article KB0011893 for more information.
  • There are no scheduling limitations for virtualized apps and they can be accessed at any time.