Office 365 and OneDrive

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Student Advantage and Office 365 ProPlus

If you are a current student, you have access to a full desktop version as well as a mobile version of Microsoft Office through your UTmail+ account. You may run Office on up to five machines (Mac or PC). You can also run Office Mobile for Android or Office Mobile for iPhone on up to 5 mobile devices.

Only install Office 365 ProPlus if you don’t already have a copy of Microsoft Office on your device. You are eligible to use Office 365 ProPlus during the time that you are an active U of T student. Once you cease being a student, you will no longer have access to the software.

Install Office 365 ProPlus on:

H Drive retirement to Onedrive

As of September 30, 2015 H drive will be retired and not available to students moving forward to OneDrive storage provided by

On August 31, 2015 the H drive will become READ ONLY! You will only be able to read and copy the files off the H drive and not create or add new files to H Drive.


Q: What if I have files that I want to keep on my H Drive?

A: You can copy the files over to your OneDrive before the September 30, 2015 retirement date using these instructions

Q: It’s after September 30, 2015 I still wanted to keep my files but H drive is retired what can I do?

A: Submit a ticket to and indicate you want to get your files. A download link will be provided with all your files in a compressed file.

Q: How do I access OneDrive? How do I use it?

A: Learn how to access OneDrive

How to copy H Drive files to OneDrive Office 365

1 – Log into an undergraduate student computer lab computer on campus with your UTORid. A list of computer labs.

2 – Click on the “Start” button and choose “Computer”

Step 2

3 – A new window will open. Double click on (H:) drive under Network Location (1)

Step 3

4 – Open your OneDrive. To open your OneDrive please follow these instructions <here>. Select all the files you want to keep from your H Drive and drag the files to your OneDrive.

Step 4

Note: Folders and empty files cannot be copied over. You will have to create new folders in OneDrive and drag the files over to retain the folders.


How to access OneDrive Office 365

1 – Access your email from from your favorite browser.


2 – Click on the Office 365 Applications Menu.


3 – Click on “OneDrive”.


4 – Congratulations you have successfully opened OneDrive.