Instructional Technology

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Scantron (Multiple Choice Scanning)

Scantron booking is not currently available.

The Scantron machine is located at the new Service Desk in CC0160. It is available for faculty, staff and teaching assistants to scan multiple-choice tests.  You will need to book the scantron in advance.  Scantron station is accessible only Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Ordering Scantron Sheets

  • Scantron sheets are ordered through Computing Services by submitting a ticket at the I&ITS Service Portal.
  • The minimum order quantity is one pack.  Each pack costs $85 and contains 500 sheets. 
  • Please input your department FIS account numbers for this purchase. 
  • Scantron sheets are picked up at the Facilities Store located at Davis building shipping/receiving docks (take the elevator located outside of the Biomedical Communications Department to level “0”).  Please provide your trouble-ticket# for pickup.

Scantron Hardware and Software

Scantron hardware is OpScan6 and it was last refreshed in July 2012.  This scanner has been configured to read a custom form designed specifically for UTM.  Computing Services has developed a windows based scanning software that reads the UTM custom form and outputs mutiple data analysis reports.  Current version of the form and scanning software features include:

  • use of 9 or 10-digit student numbers
  • use of 4 different forms per class
  • up to 300 questions
  • up to 7 answers per question
  • the omission of questions prior to scanning
  • alternate answers
  • equal or individual weight for each answer
  • negative weight for incorrect answers
  • multiple data analysis reports in excel format
  • saving of raw data in text format and more...


UTORSubmit is an assignment submission system created at UTM.  It allows instructors to create assignments and collect files electronically from their students.  Students can upload files to the website to submit to the assignments created by their instructors.

UTORSubmit is not integrated with

You can access UTORSubmit at  You will be required to login with your UTORid and password.

If you are having troubles, please refer to the UTORSubmit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can also refer to the UTORSubmit user guides below:

For technical support for UTORSubmit, please visit the I&ITS Service Portal.

For instructional support for UTORSubmit, please contact Simone Laughton, Instructional Technology Liaison Librarian.

U of T's Quercus

Quercus is U of T's institutionally supported learning management engine (LME).  Login to Quercus at
See the Quercus help webpages at the links below for more information.

Quercus (Faculty): 

Quercus (Students):

iClickers Student Response Systems

Our iClickers student response system is supported by the UTM Library Instructional Technologies team.

The University of Toronto Mississauga Library offers basic training for faculty and TAs on how to use the iClicker system, as well as consultation regarding best practices in the use of classroom response technologies.  For more information about iClickers, see the Library's iClickers page.