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I&ITS tips for working from home

Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 7:52am

Working from home can present unique challenges, especially when it comes to technology. However, UTM I&ITS has put together a collection of tips and resources that can help.

Keep an eye out for suspicious messages

Universities worldwide are reporting phishing campaigns targeting students and staff. Designed to capitalize on anxieties, fraudulent messages typically rely on a sense of urgency and to coerce recipients into clicking on links to malicious websites or open attachments. Learn more about how you can protect your data:

Connect to the UTM network with UTM VPN

Launched on March 13, UTM VPN allows faculty and staff to securely connect to the UTM network when working off campus:

Enable automatic updates

Along with new features, software updates often provide fixes for bugs and security vulnerabilities. Enabling automatic updates makes it much harder for your devices to be compromised.

Use Citizen Lab's free online Security Planner

University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab provides personalized security recommendations through its free online Security Planner tool.

Visit U of T Security Matters remote work pages

University of Toronto’s Information Security Initiative, Security Matters, has a variety of helpful articles in the Get Cyber Safe section of their website.

Read UTM I&ITS’ remote work checklist

Whether you’re using a UTM managed device or your own personal devices to work remotely, review the UTM I&ITS remote work checklist first to ensure you are following best practices for securing U of T data.