Secure Managed Desktop

Friday, January 9, 2015 - 9:31am

Protecting your workstation is both a high priority and a constant challenge in today’s cybersecurity environment. To provide enhanced support for essential antivirus, Operating System and application software updates, UTM IITS will be remotely installing software on all domain-enabled Windows workstations effective Monday, January 19th.  Please note that this will not, in any way, allow IITS enhanced rights over the content of your workstation, nor access to any of your data.

The client software links your workstation back to our configuration management service, which will result in the following benefits:

  • All windows updates, and third party software updates for popular applications will be applied regularly reducing annoying pop-ups for software updates such as Java and Flash
  • System Centre Endpoint Protection, the UofT antivirus solution, will be installed, and automatically updated with periodic scans run in the background to ensure your workstation is constantly on the lookout for malware and viruses
  • Users of these workstations will have enhanced abilities to expedite tickets for software updates, and configuration changes reducing wait times
  • Users will also have priority for software upgrades when they are rolled out (eToken or AlertUs, for example)
  • UTM will have improved ability to demonstrate campus compliance with privacy and security policies.

This will be a transparent change, and the deployment process should have no impact on the end-user experience. Please note: THIS ONLY AFFECTS DOMAIN-ENABLED, WINDOWS WORKSTATIONS.  Macs, and machines not on our UTM domain are unaffected.

How do I know if this affects my workstation?

You can check whether or not your machine is on the domain by clicking on "Computer" on the start menu. If your computer is on the domain you will see "Domain:" in the lower left pane of the window.

Computer on domain

Please contact the UTM Helpdesk if you have any questions or concerns.