A USB eToken device is required at University of Toronto in order to access some secure services such as AMS, ROSI, Photo Class List and others. An eToken is a replacement for the SecurID card that is no longer being issued.

Requesting an eToken

  1. Submit a request at the I&ITS Service Portal  and:
  • State that you are requesting an eToken.
  • Provide the full name, UTORid and contact information (phone number or e-mail) of the individual who needs an eToken.
  • UTM I&ITS will arrange a time to set up the eToken and install the software. In most cases, the process takes under 30 minutes.

eToken Support

Support to UTM Staff and Faculty will be provided by UTM I&ITS. To request support,  submit a ticket or contact the UTM Service Desk.

The following are some examples of eToken support requests:

  • Reset eToken password.
  • Replace lost or stolen eToken.
  • Deactivate eToken after an individual no longer requires the eToken.
  • Reassign an eToken to another individual.
  • Return an unused eToken.