Webform Form Settings

The third tab under the Webform tab is additional form settings. 


Submission settings

Confirmation message

This field allows you to set a custom confirmation message. This is the place where you would enter a message such as "Thank you for your submission. You will receive an e-mail confirmating the receipt of your submission."


Redirection location

This allows you to set a custom thank you page or some other page you wish to redirect the user to.


Total submissions limit

You can provide a hard limit on the number of submissions received with this setting. This would be useful, for example, if you had a case where you are only accepting the first 20 replies to a form.


Per user submission limit

This refers to logged in users. It is recommended you do not change this from the result of "Unlimited" or users may be unable to submit your form.


Status of the form

This allows you to close the form to futher submissions. Users will encounter a "Submissions for this form are closed." message when they view the form. The introductory information you entered for the form will still appear, but the form will not.


Other settings sections

There are two other settings groups, Submission access and Advanced settings. It is advised that you should leave these settings as their defaults or your form may not work as expected.

The only option in these sections that you may wish to change is the "Submit button text" under the Advanced settings section. This allows you to change the label of the submit button at the end of the form some custom label.