Webform Field Descriptions

This page outlines the fields available when creating a webform.

Date #
Used for capturing a generic date within a set range.
E-Mail #
Used for capturing e-mail addresses.
Fieldset #
Used to group a set of fields. This is useful when you have a longer form and want to divide it into sections.
Grid #
This is used for sections that have multiple questions with the same possible responses. For example, a group of questions like "on a scale of 1 - 10 rate the following".
Hidden #
A value that is submitted with the form but is not visible to the user. In general you should not need this.
Markup #
This field allows you to insert basic HTML markup. This allows you to insert a text statement or declaration into your form.
Number #
This allows you to collect a generic number. This may be a decimal number, a whole number. You can define a maximum and minimum value as well.
Page break #
This allows you to put a page break in the middle of your form. This is useful for breaking up very long forms.
Select options #
Used for dropdowns, radio buttons and checkbox lists.
Textarea #
Captures multiple lines of plain text. This text can be several paragraphs in length.
Textfield #
Captures a single line of plain text that is less than 255 characters in length.
Time #
Captures a generic time. This can either be in 12 or 24-hour format but cannot be limited to a range.