Viewing Webform Results

There are numerous methods of viewing and analyzing the data collected by webforms. You can access all of these options via the Results tab that is present while viewing a webform while logged into your site with the appropriate permissions. Figure 1 shows the location of this tab.

Viewing Results


Submission Listing

This is the simplest listing of the webform results. You can find it under the Submissions subnavigation item when viewing the Results tab. From this page you can either View, Edit or Delete any submitted webform result. You can expect the User listed to read Anonymous (not verified) as this just means that it was someone who was not logged into the edit server.

A sample of submission listings
Figure 1. The submission list. View full-sized image.

Note: As with all deletion, there is no undo. Deletion of a webform result is permanent.

Viewing a single submission

Clicking on the View option next to a submission will allow you to view the specific values submitted in each submission. You can navigate between submissions by clicking on the next and previous submission links located at the top-right and bottom-right of the submission details. This can be a useful way of viewing your submissions if you want to review them one at a time.

A sample submission

Figure 2. A sample of a single submission being viewed. View full-sized image.

Submission Analysis

This screen is found under the Analysis subheading. Its primary purpose is to gather a quick view of how items were voted on. This is mostly useful where you have a select list or grid types to gather information to see which item is most voted on.

A sample of the analysis screen

Figure 3. A sample of the analysis screen. You may notice this is not particularly useful for text fields. View full-sized image.

Submission Table

This is available from the Table subheading. If you have a simple form, you may be able to view all the details on this page easily. However, if you have a longer form with many fields or very long field labels you may find this page very hard to read. In this case you would likely want to use the Download functionality.

A sample of the results table

Figure 4. A sample of the Table screen. View full-sized image.

Downloading Results

You can download webform results from the Download subheading under the Results tab. You have the option of downloading the webform results as Delimited text (CSV, for example) or as an Excel format. For Delimited text you can choose the delimit character to be a tab (\t), a comma (,), a semicolon (;), a colon (:), pipe (|), period (.) or a space ( ). You may choose the best one based on your expected data.

A sample download screen
Figure 5. A sample of the download screen. View full-sized image.

You also have a few other options that you can set for your export.


Select list options

This section can be expanded by clicking on the Select list options page on the Download page. This offers you some additional customization in how select list and grid items will be handled in the downloaded results. 

Screenshot of the select list options.
Figure 6. The select list options section for downloading results. View full-sized image.


Included export components

This section can be expanded by clicking on Included export components in the Download screen. This allows you to remove some of the additional metadata that is included with the submissions in your downloaded data. This includes items like the internal submission number, the time and date of submission, and the IP address of the submission.

A screenshot of the included export components section

Figure 7. The included export components section. View full-sized image.

Download range options

This section can be expanded by clicking on the Download range options link in the Download page. In this section you can choose a subset of all submissions. In this section you can choose any of the following:

  • All submissions
  • Only new submissions since the last time you downloaded.
  • Only the latest X submissions. Where X is a number you define.
  • All submissions starting from: Start SID and optionally to: End SID. These SID values are the submission ID listed with the submissions on the listing page.
A screenshot of the download range options

Figure 8. A screenshot of the download range options. View full-sized image.

Clearing Results

Clicking on the Clear sub-navigation item on the Results tab will bring you to a page that allows you to delete all submitted webform data. It is recommended that you periodically download and clear your forms via this method if you are requesting personally identifiable data. This will help minimize the amount of data leaked if there's ever an integrity breach.

Note: Like all deletion in Drupal, this is permanent. There is no undo function. Use this functionality with caution.

The clear screen for webform results

Figure 9. The screen for clearing results. View full-sized image.