Research Area


Research Area terms as options in profile creation
Figure 1. Research Area options

Similar to the Faculty & Staff Categories, Research Area is a vocabulary intended to define terms based on research area that can be applied to faculty profiles. This is used to group and filter profiles based on research area. 

The terms defined in the Research Area vocabulary will appear as options when creating a new or editing an existing profile. It is under Research section labeled "Research Area".

Figure 1 is an example of terms in the "Research" vocabulary appearing as options when creating a new or editing an existing profile.


Managing Research Area Terms


Main Site > Taxonomy
Figure 1. Manage Site > Taxonomy
  • See Figure 1. You can navigate to the taxonomy page by using the administrative toolbar. Manage Site > Taxonomy
  • In the taxonomy page, find the Research Area vocabulary and click list terms
  • In this page you can:
    • Add Terms
      • To add new categories, click Add Term button
      • Provide a name and optionally a description of the category and click Save
      • Note: Do not create an empty category
    • Edit Terms
      • You can edit an existing term by clicking on Edit
    • Sort Terms
      • You can sort and organize the list of terms by drag & drop method or show row weights method
      • Note: The sort order set here dictates how the order of the groups appears in the listing page, if the listing page is set to group by categories
  • Click the Save button to save your changes


Best Practice

  • Do not create empty categories. If a category doesn't have any entries under it, disable or remove it until it is actually in use.
  • Avoid using symbols in the term titles if possible