News Content (UTM Minor)

A screenshot of a news article


The news content type is used to publish stories about events, initiatives or people/groups.  It should be noteworthy, it should relate to something recent (not “old” news) and ideally it should quote individuals who are relevant to the story. It should also include a relevant image with sufficient alt-text (see: Accessible Images and Multimedia) for which your department, UTM, or U of T holds full rights.

Best Practices

  • News writing uses the “inverted pyramid” form of storytelling, which clusters the most important information at the beginning of the story (the “who/what/where/when/why”), followed by details of diminishing importance. Further information can be found at and

  • Keep news stories short, particularly on the web. Limit the word count to no more than 400-500 words. Titles and captions should also be short.
  • Use active verbs, and avoid long or convoluted sentences. Clarity is best.

  • Include links wherever relevant.

  • Put the names of U of T Mississauga faculty, staff or students mentioned in the copy in bold text.

  • If you are republishing the story from another source, ensure that you have permission to do so, and include the name of the author and a link to the original source.

Displaying News Content

As mentioned on the Available Content Types page, there is a pre-defined path for all news articles. You can access this by going to /<your-subsite>/news where <your-subsite> is replaced with the url for your Drupal subsite.

For example,

In addition to this page there are three block options available for your subsite. Any of these can be added to your site by requesting it via the ticket system ( ).

  1. Headlines display
  2. Grid display
  3. News listing display

All of the listed blocks will display the previous 4 news articles sorted by the value of the Date field in the content.

Headlines Block

The headlines block can be placed either sidebar, but it is generally recommended that it be placed on the right sidebar on your main page.

An example of the headlines block

News Grid Block

Generally this block is placed on the main page of your subsite. 

An example of the news grid

News Listing Block

News listing block thumbnail
This image of a news listing block has been reduced in size, you can view the full-sized version.