Managing Taxonomy

Taxonomy is what allows the categorization of content based on terms. The taxonomy page can be accessed by navigating to Manage Site > Taxonomy.

Taxonomy list
Figure 1. Taxonomy Page

This page will list vocabulary that is used on the site. Vocabularies are used by specific content types and is configured by an administrator.

By default (and in most cases) editors will only see Faculty Staff Category and Research Area, as these vocabularies are used by the Faculty and Staff Content to handle filtering of profiles in ways such as:

  • Listing or grouping based on types of personel within the department, or
  • Listing or grouping based on research area

For the following pages contain information on how to manage a specific vocabulary and a list of defined listing url paths:



There are two operations an editor can perform in this page: list terms and add terms.

List Terms

List terms is where all the terms within a vocabulary is listed. From here you can perform the following tasks:

  • Sort Terms
    You rearrange the order of terms by drag and drop or using the show row weights method.
  • Edit Terms
    Clicking on edit terms will take you to the term's configuration page where you can edit a term's title and other settings.
  • Add Terms
    The add terms button will lead to the page where you can add terms to the vocabulary

Add Terms

In the add terms screen, you can add fill the title field with the term name and click save. All other fields are optional and can be left as default.


Best Practice

  • Do not create empty categories. If a category doesn't have any entries under it, disable or remove it until it is actually in use.
  • Avoid using symbols in the term titles if possible