Available Content Types

Basic Page

These are for static content and will likely comprise a majority of your website. They contain a title and a body of text.

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Call To Action

These are designed to highlight an event, a new policy, some new page, etc. These can be placed in the left or right sidebars. In general, it is the preference of UTM Marketing & Communications that they are placed on the right-hand side.

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Hero Images

This is a display banner block that appears on the home page of a site, intended to highlight and feature content. It can have a maximum of four (4) images displayed at a given time.

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This content type is for time-sensitive posts and should generally be reserved for releases like news releases and announcements. Generally there should be an author name and e-mail associated with these items. This content type includes an optional image with caption and photo credit.

All sites have a listing view defined for news located at /your-subsite/news where your-subsite is the replaced with your site's url.

For example: /iits/news

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Faculty & Staff Profiles

This content type outlines a faculty or staff member within your organization. These profiles are used to generate the listing view of departmental staff and faculty located at /your-subsite/people.

Example: /iits/people

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This allows you to create a form or questionnaire to be completed by anonymous users. Results can be e-mailed to an e-mail account as the come in and the results are stored in the site where authorized editors can obtain them. It is generally recommended that you limit the amount of personal information you request in your forms.

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