Images and Media In The RTE

This page provides step-by-step instructions (with pictures) for inserting images and media into your content.

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Inserting Images

The steps below will outline the process of adding a new image to your content. If your image has already been uploaded previously, you can skip from step x to step y.

  1. Click on the Image Image Button button
  2. In the image dialog window, click on the button labelled Browse Server. This will open a pop-up file browser in a new window.
  3. Select the folder you want the image to be uploaded to (or the location of the existing image if it has been previously uploaded) on the left-hand side in the Navigation window.
  4. Click on the Upload button in the upper left-hand corner on the file browser menu bar.
  5. Click on the Choose File button.
  6. Select your image and click open.
  7. Click on the button labelled Upload in the bottom of the upload dialog.
  8. Select your image file from the listing window in upper right quadrant.
  9. Click on the Insert file button with the green checkbox in the file browser menu bar. This will close the file browser window and fill in the path to your file in the editor field.
  10. Enter your Alternate text. For more on alternate text see Alternate Text.
  11. Press the OK button at the bottom of the image dialog window.
  12. Your image should now appear in the editor window.

For visual aids regarding the instructions above, see Uploading & Inserting Images.


Captioned Images & Alignment

RTE Image Options
Figure 1. Captioned image option

You can now create captioned images. When you add an image you can check the ‘Captioned Image’ checkbox. This will create a caption box below the image for an image description or photo credit. 

Alignment of Images

You can control the positioning of the images from this menu as well. Selecting left, right or center from this screen will align the image (captioned or not) as it previously did when selecting the Left, Right, and Centered styles from the style dropdown menu. Those styles no longer exist. 


Youtube Video & Media

YouTube embeds can now be done simpler by placing [embed <YouTube video URL>].


RTE Embed Filter
Figure 2. Example of embedding a youtube video.

This can just exist in the body of the text and it will be replaced, although adding it to its own line is recommended. You should no longer have to use the Embed Media button. Make sure it is plain text when pasting in the editor. You will see it changed on the page when saved or previewed, but it will appear as the embed text in the editor 

YouTube Share URL

Best Practice

Use the url that youtube provides when sharing a video to avoid extra parameters in the URL that could yield unwanted results.


Currently the only supported format for embedded media is YouTube. We will add more format as we continue to develop and improve the theme and its functions.


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