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The Hero Image is a new content type in Fawn. It is display banner feature in the homepage of a site that has an image, a title, and a link.

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Hero Image

Use Case

This feature is meant to highlight content on the home page and direct users to more information.


  • Images
    • Max displayed size at the moment is 3840px x 1296px (w x h)
    • Images of any size will be scaled and cropped to accordingly, so if something is slightly too small, it should still work
    • High quality appropriately sized images will yield best results
  • Items
    • A max of four (4) hero images will be displayed. The four images with highest priority will appear first
    • If there are no hero items, the banner will not be displayed
    • If there is only one (1) hero item, the slide indicator and pagination will not display
  • Sort
    • Ordering is determined:
      1. First if the “Sticky at top of lists” checkbox is checked from the publishing options
      2.  Followed by the weight from lowest value to highest value
        • Note: two items with the same weight will be sorted alphabetically by title
      3.  And finally by most recently changed



Add Hero Image Menu
Figure 1. Add Content > Add Hero Image


Adding a Hero Image

  1. Navigate to Add Content > Add Hero Image
  2. Provide a title
  3. Provide an image and an alt text
  4. Provide a link and a link title
  5. Specify weight. This is what dictates the sort order
  6. Save


Removing a Hero Image

Note: Only a maximum of 4 items are displayed and the items are prioritized based on the sort order.

  1. Navigate to Find Content > Find Hero Images
  2. In this page, all of your hero items will be listed. Find the item you would like to edit and click "Edit"
  3. To remove an item from display considerations, you can do so with one of two ways:
    • Unpublish (Recommended)
      • At the bottom of the page under "Publishing Options", uncheck the "Publish" option
      • Save
      • Note: You can re-publish the item by checking the "Publish" option again and saving
    • Delete
      • Warning: This action is permanent and there would be no way to recover data once it is deleted
      • Click the delete button at the bottom of the page and confirm


Best Practice

  • Avoid using images with text information on it. It is not accessible and may be visually cut off.
  • Use short and concise titles for both the hero title and the link title
  • Use relative paths when linking within your site


Note: This replaces the old Feature Image and Feature Box feature.