Google Analytics Campaigns

Google Analytics campaigns allow you to understand how you're acquiring your users and how they behave after arriving on your site.

There are three values that are required in order to track a campaign:

Campaign Name
This is the high-level name of your campaign. This should be the same across all mediums to group all of the results together. For example: 2017 Recruitment or Monthly Newsletter
Campaign Medium
This is the medium through which the campaign is being marketed. This would be the generalized method used. For example: social or email or paid ad or referral link
Campaign Source
This is the referrer. For example: may newsletter or mailing-list-name-l or departmental news article

You can create an analytics campaign right in the sharing bar. The campaign creation in the sharing bar is a simplified version of Google's URL builder. If you wish to use additional fields that are not located in the sharing bar, you should use the public link in combination with Google's URL Builder.

Note: You should never use this to get personally identifiable information. This is against the Analytics terms of service and is mentioned in the Analytics Best Practices.

Viewing Results

When signed into the Google Analytics site you can view your campaign data by going to Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns.

Google Analytics Aquisition sidebar

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