Feature Image Content

A screenshot of a feature image from Biology's website


This content type is designed to be used as a decorative banner for your site's front page. The display of these will cycle through all published content.

The dimensions of the images must be exactly 930px wide by 200px tall at 72 dpi.

A visual representation of the image dimensions.
A visual representation of the Feature Image dimensions. This image has been resized; view the full image.

Best Practices

  • Avoid the use of text in this content. It is intended as background and may be ignored by assistive technologies.
  • If you are using this to advertise events or services perhaps consider switching to the Subsite Feature Box.
  • Try to keep the number of feature images published to a maximum of five. Any more than this and users probably won't see them all anyway.
  • Use high quality images. You will have better results if scale down a higher resolution image than enlarging a low resolution one.