Feature Box Content

An example of a subsite feature box


This content type is designed to act similar to a Call to Action as well as a banner on the front page. Use this content type to draw users to a specific page, website, or advertise an event.

The dimensions of the images for this content type must be 930px by 200px at 72dpi. The left-most 360px will be covered by an overlay and the text portion of the content will be placed here. See the figure below.

A demonstration of feature box dimensions
A visual demonstration of the Feature Box dimensions. View full size.

There is a maximum of 5 items of this type that will be displayed at a time.

Note: The view for this cannot be active at the same time as the Feature Image banner block.


Best Practices

A demonstration of feature box design best practices
A visual demonstration of the Feature Box design best practices. View full size.
  • Design elements should be kept to the right as there is an overlay that obscures the left-most 360 px. You should avoid text on your image on the left side for this reason as well.
  • Items should be changed frequently.