Overview of Changes

Here is an overview of the changes brought by the website redesign and introduction of Fawn.


What's New

  • Hero Image
    Hero Image content is  a new display banner feature for the homepage of your site. This replaces the Feature Image and Feature Box content.
  • Image Grid
    A new way of organizing lists of images with links into a grid within the Rich Text Editor.
  • Content Grid
    A new way of organizing content into multi-column layouts within the Rich Text Editor.
  • Site Details
    A new dashboard page with general information about your site, such as a user list, resources links, taxonomy based listing url paths


What's Changed

  • Menu
    • Moved the menu bar to a hamburger style vertical menu. This allows for a greater number of links deemed highly important to be listed without the wrapping issues the UTM Minor theme has, or better organization of content via categorized menu links.
  • Faculty & Staff Content (People)
    The display for the Faculty & Staff Content's profile and listing pages have been completely revamped. User controlled customizations for the listing page has also been added. Taxonomy vocabularies used by the Faculty & Staff Content can now be managed by users.
  • News
    The news page, news listing page, and news listing blocks have all got a new look!
  • Call To Action
    CTAs have a new look and is now limited to the right sidebar region.
  • Administrative Toolbar
    The administrative toolbar's menu items been rearranged to accomodate the new sections.
  • Rich Text Editor
    There are new tools and improvements to working with the Rich Text Editor, namely:
  • Social Media
    • Configurable Social Media Links for homepage (Connect with us)


What's Gone

Legacy methods and features that were specific to UTM Minor can by found in the legacy section. The articles are tagged with the keyword UTM Minor.