Faculty & Staff Profile Content


This content type is used to create profiles for departmental listings. It includes fields that capture information such as contact information for the individual, educational background, teaching information, and publications. An automatic listing page of these profiles is available.

Note: In order to use this content type, it must first be configured for your website by I&ITS.

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In Fawn, customization to people categories and the listing page layout is available. Editors can now use limited settings to specify:

  • Grid layout:
    There are options to display the listing in either one-column, two-column, or three-column layouts.
  • Groupings / Categories
  • Fields to show in the cards

Additional improvements include:

  • Placeholder for entries without images will now use the individual's initials
  • Visual indicator for entries stickied at top of lists
  • Accessible and responsive look & feel



Creating a profile

  1. Navigate to Add Content > Add Faculty & Staff Profile
  2. Fill in required fields and other fields in which you want to provide with content
    • Photo: It is best to provide images that are atleast 550px by 550px in size.
    • Categories: This field dictates how the listing will be categorized and grouped. Read more about the Faculty & Staff Catogeries.
    • Research Area: This field dictates how the listing will be categorized and grouped when filtering the list by Research Area. Read more about the Research Area.
  3. Click Save

The profile page is now published and will appear in appropriate listing displays.


Removing a profile

  1. Navigate to Find Content > Find Faculty & Staff Profiles
  2. In this page, all of your pages will be listed. Find and click on the item you would like to edit.
  3. In the content page, click Edit
  4. To remove an item from display considerations, you can do so with one of two ways:
    • Unpublish (Recommended)
      • At the bottom of the page under Publishing Options, uncheck the "Publish" option
      • Save
      • Note: You can re-publish the item by checking the "Publish" option again and saving
    • Delete
      • Note: This action is permanent and there would be no way to recover data once it is deleted. This should be done only for pages that for sure you wouldn't need in the future.
      • Click the delete button at the bottom of the page and confirm


Managing Faculty & Staff Profiles Settings


Manage Site > Facutly & Staff Profile Settings
Figure 2. Manage Site > Facutly & Staff Profile Settings

The Faculty & Staff Profile settings must first be enabled by an administrator. Please contact us and request to enable it if it isn't already.

Once enabled, you can acess the settings page by navigating to Manage Site > Faculty & Staff Profile Settings. In this page, you can specify layout options and toggle the visibility of fields for the profile listing page.

Faculty Staff Profile Setting Options
Figure 3. Faculty & Staff Profiles Settings options


  • Grid
    Displays the people in the listing page in a grid of either one, two, or three columns.
  • Category
    Groups the people in the listing page according to their category. Read more about the Faculty & Staff Catogeries.

Field Visibility

Note: A field will not be displayed if there is no content/data regardless of settings.

  • Link Name to Profile
    Enables the individual's name to link to their full profile page.
  • Show Picture
    Enables the profile picture to be displayed on the listing page. If the individual doesn't have a photo, a placeholder (a grey box with their initials) will be displayed instead.
  • Show E-mail
    Enables the email field to appear in the contact information on the listing page.
  • Show Office Hours
    Enables the office hours field to appear in the contact information on the listing page.
  • Show Website
    Enables the website field to appear in the contact information on the listing page.

Note: These settings are only for people listing pages. A profile page will display all information as long as the fields are not empty and information is provided. The settings set here affects all people listings in the entire site.


Set a profile as sticky

People are sorted alphabetically by last name. You may highlight one particular individual and have them appear at the top of list by assigning that individual "sticky at top of lists".

Sticky Options
Figure 4. Sticky at top of lists option

To highlight a profile:

  1. Add a new faculty staff profile OR edit an exisiting one
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and go to the Publishing Options tab
  3. Select the option Sticky at top of lists and click Save

Note: This feature is meant to highlight one or two profiles and take them out of the default sort order. This should be used sparingly and only where it makes sense.


Best Practices

  • Sticky should only be applied to actual highlighted or stickied content. Do not make alot of profiles sticky.
  • Let the automatic listing page do the heavy lifting of generating the list of profiles instead of making your own listing page
  • Periodically check the profile listing to ensure content is up to date


Note: Customization to categories and listing page layout is only available in Fawn.