Faculty & Staff Categories


Example of terms appearing as options
An example of terms in the "Faculty Staff Category" vocabulary appearing as options when creating a new or editing an existing profile.

Taxonomy is what allows the categorization of content based on terms. The Faculty & Staff Content uses taxonomy to define a vocabulary of terms that editors can assign when adding a profile. The display mechanisms of listings can then use terms to list and filter profiles accordingly.

The terms defined in the Faculty Staff Category vocabulary will appear as options when creating a new or editing an existing profile. It is under Basic Profile Fields section labeled Categories.


Managing the Faculty & Staff Categories


Main Site > Taxonomy
Figure 1. Manage Site > Taxonomy
  • See Figure 1. You can navigate to the taxonomy page by using the administrative toolbar. Manage Site > Taxonomy
  • In the taxonomy page, find the Faculty Staff Categories vocabulary and click list terms
  • In this page you can:
    • Add Terms
      • To add new categories, click Add Term button
      • Provide a name and optionally a description of the category and click Save
      • Note: Do not create an empty category
    • Edit Terms
      • You can edit an existing term by clicking on Edit
    • Sort Terms
      • You can sort and organize the list of terms by drag & drop method or show row weights method
      • Note: The sort order set here dictates how the order of the groups appears in the listing page, if the listing page is set to group by categories
  • Click the Save button to save your changes


Best Practice

  • Do not create empty categories. If a category doesn't have any entries under it, disable or remove it until it is actually in use.
  • Avoid using symbols in the term titles