UTM Minor

Rich Text Editor (UTM Minor)

This page provides step-by-step instructions (with pictures) for inserting images and media into your content.

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Site's Appearance (UTM Minor)

Selecting Appearance from the administrative toolbar will allow you to access theme settings.

As of the 2017-09-14 update, most sites will be using the UTM Minor theme. Within the appearance settings you can change the colour scheme of this theme. There are 5 colour schemes to choose from.

Call to Action (UTM Minor)

An example of a call to action
An example of a Call to Action block


Administrative Toolbar (UTM Minor)

When logged in the toolbar is found at the top of the site.

From this toolbar you can:

UTM Minor

This section has documentation related to legacy features, tools, and methods specific to UTM Minor theme. The pages in this section are also tagged as with the keyword UTM Minor.

Functionally, UTM Minor and Fawn share many similarities and most instructions work for both. Methods and tools specific to UTM Minor will be filed in this section.


Feature Box Content

An example of a subsite feature box


This content type is designed to act similar to a Call to Action as well as a banner on the front page. Use this content type to draw users to a specific page, website, or advertise an event.

Feature Image Content

A screenshot of a feature image from Biology's website


This content type is designed to be used as a decorative banner for your site's front page. The display of these will cycle through all published content.

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