Best Practices

Hero Image Content

The Hero Image is a new content type in Fawn. It is display banner feature in the homepage of a site that has an image, a title, and a link. This feature is meant to highlight content on the home page and direct users to more information.

URL Aliases

What are URL aliases?

A URL alias is a clean path for your pages. It converts the node's node/### path into something more user-friendly. It determines the portion of the URL after your site's base path.

For example: The URL alias for this page is: documentation/drupal-user-guide/url-aliases


Accessible Webforms

Webform Tips

  1. Try to use the appropriate field type for each piece fo data you are collecting.
    • For example, use the email field when capturing an e-mail address instead of a text field.
    • It is recommended that phone numbers (and if necessary, student numbers) should be captured using a text field. This is due to how some browsers render the number field type making mistakes easy to make.

Accessible Tables

Table Tips

  1. Avoid tables for non-tabular data (i.e. Don't use tables for layouts).
    • Screen readers will read cells left to right, top to bottom. See Example 1.
    • If you're using a table for non-tabular data, the cells should make sense when read in the order outlined in Example 1.
  2. For tabular data, you should always include a header row or column. Within the context of the RTE, this is defined when creating a new table.

Accessible Navigation and Links

Navigation and Link Tips

  1. Try to give all your pages a navigation link in the main menu (where it makes logical sense).
    • This will generate the breadcrumb trail that will allow users to go back to parent pages if they are on the wrong page.
  2. Avoid having links open in a new window.

Accessible Text, Headings and Documentation

Tips for Creating Accessible Text, Headings and Documentation

  1. Avoid writing in all capitals. This slows down reading speed and makes it difficult for some users to read your text. You may be trying to emphasize something using all-caps, but the end result is making that item harder to read.
  2. All headings should be used hierarchically. They should not be used to obtain a certain visual style.
  3. Headings should only go down one level, or back up to a previous, higher level.

Accessible Images and Multimedia

Image and Multimedia Tips

  1. For all images, ensure that you have sufficient alternative text or alt-text.
    • Alt-text should convey all the essential information conveyed by an image / the purposes of the image to someone who is unable to see the image;
    • It should not begin with "An image of...", "a picture of...". Simply provide a description of the image as presented; and,

Webform Content


This content type is used to collect data from external users. Results can be e-mailed to you or downloaded from the edit server into an Excel format.


Best Practices

  • Request as little personal information as possible
  • Clear webform results where personal information is captured once the information is taken offline


Faculty & Staff Profile Content

This content type is used to create profiles for departmental listings. It includes fields that capture information such as contact information for the individual, educational background, teaching information, and publications. An automatic listing page of these profiles is available.

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