Cellular Phones and Data Plans

Cellular Phones and Data Plans

The University's Tier 1 supplier and distributor is Bell Mobility. 

How to Order

Corporate Plans must be ordered by the department's business officer.
For Corporate  Plan information and to order, email deanna.ponte@utoronto.ca

Securing your Mobile Phone

For pointers and instructions on securing your mobile phone, please see our Information Security & Risk Management page.

International Travel Mobile Device Tips

What to do when you are going to travel internationally

  1. Be aware that international service plans must be added prior to leaving Canada.  We advise adding international service plans at least 1 week prior to departure.  Service changes can only be requested by authorized account holders.  Typically, only department adminstrators are authorized to make such changes.
  2. Know what countries you are traveling to and the dates you will be in each country. Determine what service plans you want to add for each device. 
    Note: International service is not available in all countries.
  3. Know what devices you plan to take on your international travel (ie: Cell Phone, Tablet, Data Card) and the phone number associated with each.
  4. If you plan to use a different SIM card at your destination, phone will likely need to be unlocked.  Please contact your carrier directly for unlock requests.  Additional service charges apply.

Other international travel tips

  • Use Wi-Fi instead of the carrier's network

Warning: You can quickly accrue thousands of dollars in roaming charges while abroad or on a cruise. Manage your phone settings and purchase the correct data plan to avoid exorbitant bills.

  • Don't use your mobile phone at sea unless you can use Wi-Fi. International roaming packages often do not cover cell phone usage after you're a certain distance from the shore.
  • You can set your iPhone or Android device to stop receiving data over a cellular network but permit phone calls and text messages over Wi-Fi.

Turn off data roaming and cellular data on your iPhone

  1. Tap Settings General Cellular.
  2. Set Cellular Data and Data Roaming to OFF.

To turn on Wi-FI:

  1. Tap Settings Wi-Fi.
  2. Set Wi-Fi to ON.

To turn off all connectivity:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Set Airplane Mode to ON.

Turn off data roaming and cellular data on your Android device

  1. Tap Settings > Wireless and network More Settings.
  2. Tap Mobile network.
  3. Set Packet Data to OFF.
  4. Set Data Roaming to OFF.

To turn on Wi-FI:

  1. Tap Settings Wi-Fi.
  2. Set Wi-Fi to ON.

To turn off all connectivity:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Set Airplane Mode to ON.

If your device is lost or stolen or you have technical difficulties using your mobile device while traveling outside Canada, contact your carrier directly.

  • Bell: 1-800-667-0123 OR *611 from your mobile phone
  • Rogers: 1-855-381-7834 OR *611 from your mobile phone
  • Telus: 1-866-558-2273 OR *611 from your mobile phone

For additional tips see: http://main.its.utoronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Best-Practices-Mobile-Roaming-PDF.pdf