Site Details


The site details page contains general information about the site including:

Site Details Page
Figure1. Site Details Page



The users table lists the editors who currently have access to the site. It includes their names, e-mail, and the last time they logged in.

Adding or removing editor access can be requested through ServiceNow. Requests related to access require approval from the site owner.


Resources Links

This section lists helpful links for easy access.

  • User Guide
    This links to this user guide
  • Manage Files
    This links to the File Manager. See Working with the File Manager for more information.
  • Report an Issue
    This links to ServiceNow where you can submit a ticket for issues
  • Google Analytics
    This links to the Google Analytics reports



Lists of terms used
Figure 2. List of terms and its associated url

This section lists the terms currently used on the site.

Clicking on the title (Faculty Staff Categories) expands the content and you'll be able to see the list of terms used on the site with its url path for quick access.

For example, if you would like to add a link directly to a specific category of people like Faculty on the menu, you would use the url people/category/faculty.

The list icon is a shortcut that leads to that vocabulary's list of terms in the Taxonomy page. The plus icon is a shortcut that leads to adding a term for that vocabulary.

See Managing Taxonomy for mmore information.