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View Your Unofficial Results Online

Thirteen days after you write your test, you will be able to view your unofficial results online. Please note that online results cannot be used for official purposes. Institutions that recognize the IELTS Test require the original Test Report Form (TRF).


  • Type in your name and ID number as it is shown on the personal identification (ID) document that you used to register for the test.
  • If you do not have a family name, put a hypen (-) instead. Do not leave it blank.
  • If you used your Permanent Resident (PR) card, please omit the dash when typing in your PR card number.

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Official IELTS Results

Thirteen days after you write your test, your official results will be mailed to you. Candidates cannot receive their official results by phone, email or online. Test Report Forms (TRFs) will be sent directly to the institution(s) you provided on the application form. Your Test Report Form is valid for up to two years.

Number of Copies Provided

  • For post-secondary purposes, academic training (AC) test takers, only one official TRF is provided to the candidate. You may request a maximum of five (5) additional TRFs, free of charge, to be sent to a post-secondary institution, as long as it was requested on the application form.
  • For immigration purposes, general training (GT) test takers may request only one additional TRF, which will be mailed to you directly.


Not Happy With Your Results?

You can apply for an Enquiry on Results (EOR) within six weeks of your test date. The EOR fee is $185 CAD, and will be fully refunded if any of your band scores improve. Revised TRFs will be sent to you and the receiving institution.

If your band scores remain the same, the EOR fee will be retained and your original Test Report Form (TRF) will be returned to you.

All information related to the EOR request for review is sent from the Test Centre to IELTS Australia within one week of receipt. Your results can take up to a month to process and be returned to you, depending on several factors, including the number of sections requested for re-marking.

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Register for a New Test Date

If you are not satisfied with your official test score, you are invited to register for a new test dat