Video Editing in Advertising: Understanding Storytelling Tools in Commercials

The advertising industry is both a challenging and rewarding one and is best suited for the highly tenacious. Melanie Hider, a Senior Video Editor at Saints Editorial, has been in the industry in Toronto for over a decade and will give you an understanding of the structure and personality of the advertising industry, with a special focus on the video editing process.

In this workshop you will learn the various storytelling and editing tools through a variety of visuals, as well as some tricks of the editing trade.

You will have the opportunity to implement this knowledge in a series of exercises where you will analyze and deconstruct commercials. In this workshop students will:

  • Understand the basic structure of the advertising industry and the essential roles involved in the making of a commercial
  • Recognize the different genres of commercials
  • Apply different editing and storytelling tools with an understanding of when they would be implemented for maximum impact
  • Implement this storytelling knowledge in the deconstruction and evaluation of commercials

Workshop Facilitator:
Melanie Hider (she/her), Senior Editor, Saints Editorial

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