User Personas and Empathy Maps for User-Centred Design

UX and user experience methods are powerful tools in the development, creation, and refinement of products and services. By leveraging two user experience methods, user persona artifacts and empathy maps, companies and organization can obtain potential perspectives of the audiences who will engage with the final endeavour; thus, providing the developers with an empathetic view of the project and insights on how to make it more user-centred. Employing persona artifacts and empathy maps is a collaborative process that the participants in this workshop will be immersed within. The basics of how to create user personas and empathy maps to better understand people, their goals, needs, behaviours, and stories as a means to make more informed decisions when designing products and services for people will be covered during our 3 hours together.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Create and make sense of personas as a tool to think from a user’s experience
  • Engage with techniques to experience the feelings of other people and to draw inspiration to make a user-centred end product
  • Integrate empathy mapping with other user-centred design strategies, such as journey mapping and experience mapping
  • Discover gaps in the product design
  • Communicate personas and insights to better advocate for users

Workshop Facilitator:
Ian Chalmers (he/him), Design Director and Founder, Pivot Design Group

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