Late Assignments & Extensions

A. Late Penalties

You are expected to complete assignments on time. There will be a penalty for lateness of 10% deducted per day and work that is not handed in one week after the due date will not be accepted.

B. Requesting an Extension

If you require more time to complete term work you should contact your instructor immediately in writing (email is acceptable), and ideally well before the due date. Extensions up to one week past the original due date may be granted. Students who fail to submit the late work by the new due date will have 10% per day applied to their work when it is finally submitted.

Note that holidays, family plans or trips (unless critical in nature), lack of preparation, poor time budgeting or scheduling conflicts with outside work and other courses, are not acceptable reasons for an extension. Should you have a compelling reason to request an extension outside of documented contingencies, your request may be granted at the discretion of your instructor. Such accommodations are more likely to be granted if they are done well before the assignment due date.

A Special Consideration Form explaining the reason for the extension request must also be submitted to Academic Advisor, Rose Antonio (CCT3018), with original supporting documentation (e.g. U of T Verification of Student Illness or Injury, accident report, death certificate or other documentation confirming non-medical extenuating circumstances), no later than 72 hours after the due date.

In addition, students are required to declare any absence on ACORN on the day of their absence (or by the day after, at the latest) in order to receive academic accommodation. Absences include those due to illness, death in the family, religious accommodation or other circumstances beyond their control.

C. Documentation

The Verification of Student Illness or Injury form and Special Consideration Form are available at

The Verification of Student Illness or Injury form must be completed by a Licensed Practitioner based on examination and applicable documented history at the time of illness or injury, not after the fact. Completion of this form does not guarantee that special consideration will be granted. Incomplete forms will not be processed. In some appeal situations, the University may require additional information from you or your practitioner to decide whether or not to grant or confirm special consideration. If you have questions about the Verification of Student Illness or Injury form, please visit