Steve Szigeti

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Professor Steve Szigeti
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Programs: CCIT, DEM
Office: CCT 3081
Office Hours: Monday 10:30am to 12:30pm


Courses (2018-2019):

Fall Term:
CCT218: Information and Society
CCT 419:  Exploring User Experience, Cultural Theory and Gamification through Board Games
MDG428: Project Management
Winter Term:
CCT110: Rhetoric and Media
MDG428: Project Management

Degrees and Institutions:

Ph.D. University of Toronto (Faculty of Information)
MISt. University of Toronto (Faculty of Information)
MA. Concordia University (Department of English)
BA. University of Toronto (English Literature and History)

Selected Publications:

Peter, J., Szigeti, S., Jofre, A., Edall, G., Diamond, S. (2017). The Sophi Heads-Up Display: A novel visual analytics tool for news media. DIS2017. June 10-14, 2017, Edinburgh, Scotland. Winner: Honorary mention.

Davila, P., Diamond, S., Szigeti, S. (2016). There’s no Big Data without intelligent interface. The Globe and Mail. August 22, 2016.

Jofre, A., Szigeti, S., Diamond, S. (2016). Materializing data: notes on collaboration and tangible interfaces with excerpts and additions” DAT Journal Design Art and Technology: Transdisciplinarities: Projects, Materials and Processes. vol. 1, no.2.

Szigeti, S. Schnitman, D., Peters, J., Vu, P. & Diamond, S. (2015). The Infinite Canvas: A novel presentation of newspaper search results on a tablet. MobileHCI 2015, August 24-27, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Szigeti, S., Stevens, A., Tu, R., Jofre, A., Gebhardt, A., Chevalier, F., Lee, J. & Diamond, S. (2014) Output to Input: Concepts for Physical Data Representations and Tactile User Interfaces. Proceedings of CHI14 Works-in-Progress, Toronto, Canada.

Szigeti, S., Petrasc, J. Schnitman, D. & Diamond, S. (2014). The Stacked Stacked Bar Graph: A new twist on an old visualization. IEEE Info Vis 2014, November 9-14, 2014, Paris, France.

Research Interests:

  • Experiential education
  • Design thinking
  • Human computer interaction
  • Data visualization
  • New Media
  • Game design