PWC Courses

WRI203H5 Expressive Writing (SSc)
WRI299Y5 Research Opportunity Program (SSc)
WRI303H5 Specialized Prose (SSc)
WRI307H5 Science and Writing (SSc)
WRI310H5 Social and Professional Languages (SSc)
WRI320H5 History and Writing (SSc)
WRI325H5 Community and Writing (SSc)
WRI327H5 Social Media and Content Creation (SSc)
WRI330H5 Oral Rhetoric (SSc)
WRI340H5 Critical Reading and Listening (SSc)
WRI360H5 Finance and Writing (SSc)
WRI363H5 Communicating in a World of Data (SSc)
WRI365Y5 Editing: Principles and Practice (SSc)
WRI370H5 Writing about Place (SSc)
WRI375H5 Writing about Environment and Ecology (SSc)
WRI378H5 Introduction to Journalism (SSc)
WRI380H5 Podcasting (SSc)
WRI390H5 Independent Studies (SSc)
WRI391H5 Independent Studies (SSc)
WRI392H5 Communicating Research (SSc)
WRI395H5 Re-languaging: Writing Across Cultures and Languages (SSc)
WRI399Y5 Research Opportunity Program (SSc,EXP)
WRI410H5 Professional Writing and Communication Internship 1 (SSc,EXP)
WRI411H5 Professional Writing and Communication Internship II (SSc,EXP)
WRI430H5 Journalistic Investigation (SSc)
WRI483H5 Character, Narrator and Psychic Space (SSc)
WRI488H5 Food and Writing (SSc)
WRI490H5 Special Topics in Writing (SSc)
WRI499Y5 Research Opportunity Program (SSc,EXP)