Professional Writing and Communication (PWC) at the University of Toronto Mississauga aims to produce critical thinkers and flexible, reflective writers and editors who apply their knowledge of rhetoric and language across a range of academic disciplines and professional practices. PWC treats communication as interdisciplinary and socially situated. Working in the liberal arts tradition, PWC aims to add value and depth to whatever discipline and experience students bring to the program.

The PWC curriculum grows out of research grounded in anthropology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, linguistics and literature. Students examine the way written and oral communication works in professional, academic, artistic, personal and public settings.

Program courses emphasize the multicultural, multi-modal and team-oriented character of professional writing practice. Workshop-style classes give PWC students experience with creative nonfiction, cross-cultural communications and research-based writing in science, finance, environmental studies and journalistic investigation.

PWC encourages students to develop writing portfolios and to publish work they produce in their courses. Many PWC students go on to work as professional writers.