CCIT Courses

CCT109H5 Contemporary Communication Technologies (SSc)
CCT110H5 Rhetoric and Media (SSc)
CCT111H5 Critical Coding (SSc,EXP)
WRI173H5 Creative Non-Fiction (SSc)
CCT200H5 Race, Media and Culture (SSc)
CCT202H5 Human Perception and Communication (SSc)
CCT203H5 Business Research Methods (SSc)
CCT204H5 Design Thinking I (SH) (SSc)
CCT205H5 Digital Innovation and Cultural Transformation (SSc)
CCT206H5 Law, Technology and Culture (SSc)
CCT207H5 Introduction to Infrastructure (SSc)
CCT208H5 Communications Research Methods (SSc)
CCT210H5 Signs, Referents and Meaning (SSc)
CCT211H5 Fundamentals of User Interface Programming (SSc,EXP)
CCT212H5 Hacker Culture (SSc)
CCT218H5 Foundations of Media and Technology Studies (SSc)
CCT221H5 Digital Marketing I (DEM) (SSc)
CCT222H5 Political Economy of Communication, Culture, and Technology (SSc)
CCT224H5 Organizational Studies I (DEM) (SSc)
CCT225H5 Information Systems (DEM) (SSc)
WRI225H5 Community and Writing (SSc)
CCT226H5 Data Analysis I (DEM) (SSc)
WRI227H5 Social Media and Content Creation (SSc)
CCT250H5 Technology and Creative Expression (SH) (SSc)
CCT260H5 Web Culture and Design (SH) (SSc)
CCT261H5 Speculative Design I (DEM) (SSc,EXP)
CCT270H5 Principles in Game Design (SH) (SSc)
CCT273H5 Professional Practice and Communication (SSc)
CCT285H5 Immersive Environment Design (SSc)
CCT286H5 Interactive Media Design (SSc)
WRI292H5 Narrative Inquiry (SSc)
CCT295H5 Topics in Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (SSc)
WRI299Y5 Research Opportunity Program (SSc)
CCT300H5 Critical Analysis of Media (SSc)
CCT301H5 Design for Online Cultures (SSc)
CCT302H5 Developing and Managing Communication Campaigns and Projects (SSc)
CCT303H5 Communicating In and Between Organizations (SSc)
CCT304H5 Visual Communication and Digital Environments (SSc,EXP)
CCT305H5 Design and Implementation of Multimedia Documents (SH) (SSc)
WRI307H5 Science and Writing (SSc)
CCT308H5 Advanced Research Methodologies (SSc,EXP)
CCT310H5 Popular Culture and Society (SSc)
WRI310H5 Social and Professional Languages (SSc)
CCT311H5 Game Design and Theory (SH) (SSc)
CCT312H5 Interactive Story Telling for Game Development (SH) (SSc)
CCT314H5 Mind, Media and Representation (HUM,SSc)
CCT315H5 Theory of Linguistic Communication (HUM)
CCT316H5 Communication and Advertising (SSc)
CCT319H5 Media Economics I (DEM) (SSc)
CCT320H5 Communication, Technology, and Social Change (SSc)
WRI320H5 History and Writing (SSc)
CCT321H5 Introduction to Finance (DEM) (SSc)
CCT324H5 Organizational Studies II (DEM) (SSc)
CCT326H5 Communication across the Lifespan (SSc)
WRI330H5 Oral Rhetoric (SSc)
CCT331H5 Social Media and Society (SSc)
CCT332H5 Canadian Communication Policy (SSc)
CCT333H5 Social Innovation(SH) (SSc)
CCT334H5 History and Theory of Game Production (SH) (SSc)
CCT335H5 Technology and the City (SSc)
CCT336H5 Comics and Digital Culture (SH) (SSc)
WRI340H5 Critical Reading and Listening (SSc)
CCT340H5 Gender, Media and Technology (SSc)
CCT341H5 Introduction to IT Consulting (SSc,EXP)
CCT351H5 Theory and Practice of Animation (SH) (SSc)
CCT352H5 History and Practice of Design (SH) (SSc)
CCT353H5 Digital Media: Video (SH) (SSc)
CCT354H5 Digital Marketing II (DEM) (SSc)
CCT355H5 Trends in Digital Innovation (DEM) (SSc)
CCT356H5 Online Advertising and Marketing (SH) (SSc)
CCT357H5 Digital Media: Photography (SH) (SSc)
CCT360H5 Intermediate Web Design (SH) (SSc)
WRI360H5 Finance and Writing (SSc)
CCT361H5 Speculative Design II (DEM) (SSc,EXP)
WRI363H5 Communicating in a World of Data (SSc)
CCT365H5 Surveillance (SSc)
WRI365Y5 Editing: Principles and Practice (SSc)
WRI370H5 Writing about Place (SSc)
CCT371H5 Sound as Media (SSc)
CCT372H5 Knowledge Media Design: Contexts and Practices (SSc)
CCT373H5 Career Planning and Development (SSc)
CCT374H5 Critical Histories of Information Technologies (SSc)
WRI375H5 Writing about Environment and Ecology (SSc)
CCT376H5 Introduction to Modelling Information (SSc)
WRI378H5 Introduction to Journalism (SSc)
CCT380H5 Human-Computer Interaction and Communication (SSc,EXP)
WRI380H5 Podcasting (SSc)
CCT381H5 Media Audiences (SSc)
CCT382H5 Prototyping Digital Games (SSc)
CCT383H5 The Interactive Society (SSc)
CCT384H5 Inclusive Design and Social Responsibility (SH) (SSc)
CCT385H5 Conceptualizing Media Environments (SSc)
CCT386H5 Information Practice in Virtual Worlds: Exploration of Information Environments (SSc)
CCT390H5 Field Experiences in CCIT (SSc)
WRI390H5 Independent Studies (SSc)
WRI391H5 Independent Studies (SSc)
CCT391H5 Topics in Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (SH) (SSc)
WRI395H5 Re-languaging: Writing Across Cultures and Languages (SSc)
CCT395H5 Topics in Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (SSc)
CCT399Y5 Research Opportunity Program (ROP) (HUM,SSc,SCI,EXP)
WRI399Y5 Research Opportunity Program (SSc,EXP)
CCT400H5 Advanced Project (SSc)
CCT401H5 Advanced Thesis Course (DEM) (SSc)
CCT402H5 Creating, Protecting and Managing Digital Artifacts (SSc)
CCT403H5 Finance, Innovation and the Digital Firm (SSc)
CCT404H5 Integrative Design Project (SSc,EXP)
CCT405H5 Individual Project (SSc)
CCT406H5 Capstone Design Project (SH) (SSc)
CCT407Y5 Advanced Field Experiences in CCIT (SSc,EXP)
CCT409H5 Special Topics in Work-Based Learning (SSc,EXP)
CCT410H5 CCIT Internship I (SSc,EXP)
WRI410H5 Professional Writing and Communication Internship 1 (SSc,EXP)
CCT411H5 CCIT Internship II (SSc,EXP)
WRI411H5 Professional Writing and Communication Internship II (SSc,EXP)
CCT412H5 Self-Directed Research Project: Advanced Studio Practices (SH) (SSc)
CCT414H5 Special Topics in Knowledge, Media and Design (SSc,EXP)
MGD415H5 E-Business Strategies (SSc)
CCT416H5 Social Data Analytics (SSc)
CCT417H5 Alternative Media (SSc)
CCT418H5 Work, Media and Technology (SSc)
CCT419H5 User Experience Design: UXD and Board Games (SSc)
CCT420H5 Information Technology and Globalization (SSc)
WRI420H5 Making a Book (SSc,EXP)
MGD420H5 Global Digital Industries (SSc)
MGD421H5 Technological Entrepreneurship (SSc)
MGD422H5 Management of Technological Innovation (SSc)
CCT423H5 Game Development Project (SH) (HUM,SSc)
MGD423H5 Technology in Organizations (SSc)
CCT424H5 Organizational Studies III (DEM) (SSc)
MGD425H5 Media Economics II (SSc)
MGD426H5 Enterprise Risk Management (SSc)
MGD427H5 Advanced Legal Issues (SSc)
MGD428H5 Project Management (SSc)
MGD429H5 Data Analysis II (DEM) (SSc)
CCT430H5 Networked Life (SSc)
WRI430H5 Journalistic Investigation (SSc)
MGD430H5 Knowledge Management and Strategy (DEM) (SSc)
CCT431H5 Drones, Robots and Artificial Intelligence (SSc)
CCT432H5 Ethics and Code (SSc)
CCT433H5 Sustainable Design (SH) (SSc)
CCT434H5 Design Thinking II (SH) (SSc)
CCT441H5 Online Collaborative Project Management (SSc)
CCT448H5 Game Design as Problem Solving (SH) (SSc)
CCT449H5 Immersive VR Journalism (SH) (SSc)
CCT450H5 Designing Interactive Books (SH) (SSc)
CCT451H5 Digital Media: Advanced Audio Production (SH) (HUM)
CCT452H5 Graphic Design and Popular Culture (SH) (SSc)
CCT453H5 Digital Media: Advanced Video Production (SH) (HUM)
CCT454H5 Documentary Practices (HUM)
CCT456H5 Analysis and Visualization of Open Data (SH) (SSc)
CCT457H5 Digital Media: Advanced Photography Production (SH) (SSc)
CCT460H5 Advanced Web Design (SH) (SSc)
CCT461H5 Speculative Design III (DEM) (SSc,EXP)
CCT470H5 Information Visualization (SSc)
CCT471H5 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (SSc)
CCT472H5 Media Archaeology (SSc)
CCT473H5 Career Strategies (SSc)
CCT474H5 Organizational Innovation and Digital Leadership (DEM) (SSc)
CCT475H5 Integrated Learning in Digital Media, Communication, and Technology (SSc)
CCT476H5 Foundations of Operations Management (SSc)
CCT480H5 User Experience Analysis: UXA (SSc,EXP)
CCT481H5 Augmented Places and Social Media Spaces (SSc)
CCT482H5 Interactive Electronic Design (SH) (SSc)
CCT483H5 Play, Performance and Community in Digital Games (SSc)
WRI483H5 Character, Narrator and Psychic Space (SSc)
CCT485H5 User Experience Design: UXD (SSc,EXP)
CCT487H5 Advanced Communication Policy in a Global Context (SSc,EXP)
WRI488H5 Food and Writing (SSc)
CCT490H5 Topics in Communication, Culture and Information Technology (SSc)
WRI490H5 Special Topics in Writing (SSc)
CCT491H5 Topics in Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (SH) (SSc)
CCT495H5 Topics in Communication, Culture, Information & Technology (SSc)
WRI499Y5 Research Opportunity Program (SSc,EXP)
CCT499Y5 Research Opportunity (SSc,EXP)