Productive Discomfort: Practicing the Process of Creative Writing 

 The process of writing can be a complicated one, and necessarily so. Writing is often messy and hard, and the practice can simultaneously be wonderfully rich and generative. Authors and artists across genres and media have explained how writing can produce feelings of discomfort and furthermore identify these feelings as necessary aspects of the process.  

This interactive workshop will introduce participants to the concept of productive discomfort and consider this term as a strategy for navigating the practice of writing. Students will learn how to: 

  • Understand and identify how the practice of writing produces feelings of anxiety and discomfort  

  • Recognize the value and practice of building an intentional writing community 

  • Explain the benefits of building an outline and developing tangible writing goals 

  • Practice strategies for tackling difficult writing projects and producing written work 

  • Explore and practice creative approaches to writing using a variety of media including google jamboard and speech-to-text applications (  

Workshop Facilitator:
Lauren Cullen (she/her), Writing Consultant, Dissertation Coach and Critical Craft Educator

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