Brett Caraway on TVO Today

ICCIT Professor, Brett Caraway, on TVO Today

Samina Makhanbetazhiyeva


ICCIT's Brett Caraway, Director of the DEM Program, shares his insights on the current issue of Big Layoffs in the tech sector as well as the future of the industry on TVO Today.

What was once seen as a safe industry at the beginning of the pandemic is now in upheaval as tech companies around the world lay off workers. Big tech companies have made headlines with tens of thousands of layoffs since last year. Has the bubble burst? Experts weigh in on what the sector is experiencing and what to expect in the future.

Watch the full episode on Big Tech Layoffs where Steve Paikin of the TVO Today sparks a conversation about the future of the tech sector with ICCIT's Brett Caraway, the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of the Palette Skills, AJ Tibando, and the Executive Director of the start-up incubator DMZ and the CEO of DMZ Ventures, Abdullah Snobar.


Brett Caraway on TVO Today