2023 iccit award winners

Congratulations to the 2023 ICCIT Award winners!

Samina Makhanbetazhiyeva

Congratulations to the 2023 recipients of the ICCIT Student Awards & Scholarships at the University of Toronto! πŸ…

We are thrilled to recognize the exceptional achievements of our undergraduate students through our comprehensive scholarship programs.

πŸ… CCIT Field Course Award πŸ…
Nadim Kassymov

πŸ… ICCIT Director’s Leadership & Engagement Award πŸ…
Hai Bui
Hamna Riaz
Jaqueline Shie
Marah Mufleh

πŸ… Maryann Wells Memorial Scholarship πŸ…
Aidan William Belden Thompson
Callie Michelle Foster
Colleen Xue-Yin Iu
Diljot Badesha
Duyen Thien Phan
Mya Moniz
Rachel Pantos

πŸ… Randeep Grewal Memorial Scholarship πŸ…
Kensho Ando Heng

These awards celebrate the hard work and dedication of our students and inspire others to aim for excellence. 🌟

Congratulations! πŸ‘