Lilian Radovac

Lilian Radovac's headshotLilian Radovac is a critical cultural historian whose research focuses on the sensory interfaces between media technologies, social movements and everyday life in the context of North American cities. Her current book manuscript documents the history of New York City’s sound device ordinance, which has amplified processes of gentrification, racialization and resistance from its passage in 1930 to the present day. As lead investigator for Alternative Toronto, she is building a collaborative digital archive of Toronto’s radical, countercultural and trans*/feminist/queer communities of the 1980s. The project is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and joins the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology as a working group for 2017-2018.

Degrees and Institutions:

2015-2016: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, New York University 2014: PhD, Communication Studies, McGill University
2000: MA, Musicology and Ethnomusicology, York University 1997: BA summa cum laude, Individualized Studies, York University

Recent Courses:

CCT 308 Advanced Research Methods: Qualitative Research CCT 490 Special Topics: Sound as Media


“Re/mediating the Archive: Building Alternative Toronto.” Thinking Beyond Backlash: 1980s Activisms, Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 32:2 (March 2018): in press.

“Muting Dissent: New York City’s Sound Device Ordinance and the Liberalization of the Public Sphere.” Sound Politics: Critically Listening to Local and Global Soundscapes, Radical History Review 121 (January 2015): 32-50.

À qui la rue?: On Mégaphone and Montreal’s Noisy Public Sphere.” Sounding Out! (February 24, 2014): megaphone-and- montreals-noisy-public-sphere/

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“Agitato.” TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies 28 (Fall 2012): 223-224.

“The ‘War on Noise’: Sound and Space in La Guardia’s New York.” American Quarterly

63:3 (September 2011): 733-760.

  • Reprinted in: Sound Clash: Listening to American Studies. Eds. Kara Keeling and Josh Kun, 289-316. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012.

Research Areas:

  • Culture and communication
  • Urban history
  • Sound studies
  • History of technology
  • Activism and social movements
  • Digital humanities