Introduction to Premiere Pro

The ability to shoot video is more accessible than ever before. With multiple platforms to share them, we all have those moments we would love to edit together to get out into the world. In this workshop Melanie guides you through the basics of putting a video edit together using Premiere Pro.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the Premiere Pro interface
  • Learn how to create a project, import, organize and select media
  • Build an edit with music, visuals and titles plus a few interesting tricks to add to the mix
  • Learn how to export your video ready to post to your preferred social media platform
  • See how what you have learned is reflected in a professional commercial edit project file

Students must have access to “Adobe Premiere Pro” [version 2020 (14.9) or later] to participate in this workshop. If you do not have a license to the software, you can download a free trial version via

Workshop facilitator:
Melanie Hider (she/her), Senior Editor, Saints Editorial

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