ICCIT Student Mentorship Program

ICCIT Mentorship banner from ISMP

We want you to have the best experience that we can provide, and this is what this mentorship program is about. Perhaps you simply want to build the kinds of relationships that university is all about, maybe you have questions, such as: should I do an internship or the professional experience certificate? What do hiring professionals look for? Which courses should I think about taking next year? Or what do I need to build my resume or tailor it to a specific job? Well, this is why we're connecting you to some of our best upper year students to network and grow with!

How the program works (What is the commitment)?

  • Your mentor will plan a monthly group session. - An opportunity to network with other talented students in your program(s). 
  • Your mentor will stay connected with you throughout the semester. They will be checking in on you as you transition into the ICCIT program(s).  - A good opportunity to learn from mentors through one-on-one sessions.

To encourage your commitment to this program, your participation will add to your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

Use our Acadiate community site to interact more with the department, academic advisors, mentors, student clubs and events going on.

If you are looking for a mentor or to leave this program at any point, please fill out this form (Links to an external site.). You can kindly message the ICCIT Research Assistant, Kyle Thomas for help with anything in the program at iccit.mentorship@utoronto.ca.


  • Do we have mentors for international students? - Certainly! You can be paired with a mentor that speaks your language and/or is in your time zone. They can help you to become better professionals in Canada! 
  • Can I join/leave the program at anytime? - Certainly, message our Research Assistant at iccit.mentorship.ca for help!